NYC – 3/1/16 – Santina

The tricolore splendido salad has been one of my favorite things at Santina but evidently I haven’t ordered it for a while as I had no idea that they had been playing around with the plating.  Some things are better left alone.  When the dish arrived I was initially confused by not seeing the tuna on the top and thought it was forgotten.  The percentage of olives was much higher than it used to be and overall this salad was somehow terrible.  Please revert to the original version.  Thankfully my server replaced it with the squash carpaccio which is always fantastic and removed it from the check.

Gamberetti cecina – rock shrimp, chickpeas
Tricolore splendido salad – tuna carpaccio

Squash carpaccio – winter squash, honey agrodolce

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