Atlanta – 3/15/16 – Gunshow

If asked to pick one word to describe Gunshow it would have to be fun.  I absolutely love the dim sum concept when well executed.  And while I’m assuming there had to be quite a bit of influence from State Bird Provisions, Gunshow never feels like its copying but it just executing in a different way that is just as entertaining.  The menu is presented ahead of time but you don’t know in what order the dishes will arrive (except for the dessert options when you have finally signaled an end to your savory choices).  In an added twist, the chef responsible for each dish is the one who passes it around the dining room which made me feel quite guilty when I had to say no to a few.  But seeing the menu ahead of time also messes with your head a bit because based on menu alone I would have turned down a few dishes that my dining companion chose and ended up being my favorites of the night.  The cocktail cart was an unexpected surprise, but afterwards I couldn’t help but think that of course they would have a cocktail cart.  I probably haven’t had banana pudding in at least 20 years and I hope it makes a broader comeback if every version could be this good.  I absolutely cannot wait to get back here.

Ginza Highball – scotch, shiso genepy, sesame honey, pickled ginger, yuzu & absinthe ice
Scandinavian sour – botanical gin, aquavit, peychaud’s, dill, ligonberry, lemon, celery
Peruvian style beef short rib
“Radishes & Butter”
Corned beef tongue “Reuben,” fried russian sauce, caramelized kraut
Tartare de boef de kobe avec frites 
Berkshire pork belly bulgogi
Smoked trout pierogi, potato, marinated beet jelly
Wild caught cobia crudo, spring peas, smoked mussels, lemon
Warm old fashioned banana pudding

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