Atlanta – 3/14/16 – Miller Union

An absolutely perfect night for dining outdoors at Miller Union, especially when coming from the quite cold northeast.  I wish I remembered my server’s name because he was absolutely fantastic.  Incredibly knowledgable and perfectly attentive without rushing me in any way.  The signature farm egg baked in celery cream may have been a bit messy but was certainly delicious and its easy to see how this became a signature dish. And while not visible in my pictures, the coconut and pork belly rice accompanying my entree was amazing and perhaps should have been a side dish on its own as I wanted more.  So glad that I finally made it here!

 English bloodhound – gin, campari, grapefruit

farm egg baked in celery crew, grilled bread
grilled pork loin, coconut & pork belly rice, bok choy, scallion, pineapple
kale, escarole, apple, celery & pecan salad


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