London – 5/28/16 – Restaurant Story, 69 Colebrook and Sosharu

Restaurant Story
I am not sure that I can say enough good things about Restaurant Story.  I had very much wanted to dine here on my last trip to London but unfortunately could not get a reservation.  I am so glad that things worked out this time around and by the following day I was sorry that I had not just booked multiple reservations here.  Every dish was absolutely delicious, as well as beautiful, with a perfect casual elegance.  I started the meal with one of the best gin & tonic’s I have ever had  and for which I have managed to find the proper brands to make it at home (Four Pillars gin & Jack Rudy tonic).  The candle placed on the table was actually made of beef fat in which to dunk your bread.  Absolutely brilliant.  And the picnic cheese course was so inventive and adorable that it was almost impossible to contain a huge grin.  And I should not fail to mention impeccable service and great beverage pairings (including the first Mead that I have actually liked).  Thus far my most memorable meal of 2016.

Foreward – Snacks

Chapter I – Tomato
Chapter II – Childhood
Bread and dripping
Onion and gin
Heritage potato

Chapter III – Sea
ScallopChapter IV – Land
Herdwick lamb

Chapter V – The end

Almond and dill

69 Colebrook
I ordered the Death in Venice not even realizing that I was seated below a poster advertising the same.

I have always had fantastic experiences at Jason Atherton restaurants and so was excited to try Sosharu as soon as it opened.  Service started off exceedingly well and I received almost too much attention.  However by the time I finished my first cocktail I languished for over 30 minutes not being able to summon a server to order another drink.  The things I take for granted in NYC where alcohol sales are necessary to restaurant profits.  The open temaki were wonderful and I almost wish I had just ordered a half dozen.  A few of the other dishes unfortunately seemed to suffer from lack of seasoning.

Bream sashimi, shichimi crispy potato

Open temakiScallops, nori, sweet potato, white ponzu

Pale aubergine, crispy shallots, aka miso glaze, herb salad

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