NYC – 5/25/16 – Pasquale Jones

I’m not sure that I like Pasquale Jones better than its big brother Charlie Bird but it definitely holds its own.  But the addition of very good pizzas, with a crust that is my preferred style, certainly helps.  The sugar snap pea salad was absolutely fantastic as was the dessert although I have unfortunately forgotten the description.  I accept partial responsibility for how much I disliked the white asparagus dish as I generally do not love it and this was one of my least favorite preparations which is a shame because it could have been infinitely better roasted in the wood burning oven.  But slippery trout roe on top of slippery asparagus was extremely challenging to eat, even though this dish was beautiful and an instagram favorite while on the menu.

sugar snap pea, watercress, pecorino & cultured cream

little neck clam pizza, parsley, garlic, lemon & cream
steelhead crudo, breakfast radish & sorrel

white asparagus, nasturtium & trout roe

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