NYC – 8/31/16 – Mimi

I may have gotten to Mimi too late.  Not because I didn’t want to visit but I just hadn’t been able to find a date that worked.  Perhaps I waited too long.  There is much to love about Mimi.  In my case the veal and the souffle that I can’t stop thinking about.  Unfortunately those thoughts came in retrospect as while at Mimi the noise was so deafening that I had thoughts of just abandoning the whole thing.  It wouldn’t have mattered who my dining companion was as it was impossible to carry on a conversation.  The table spacing takes NYC to a new extreme and makes using the restroom nearly impossible for half of the party.  We ordered much more than the tables on either side of us but before we hit the 2 hour mark were being given not so subtle ‘time to leave’ looks by our server.  I so want to return for the food but I’m not sure yet if I can do it.

Casco bay scallops

Tuna Ventreche

Gnocchi Parisian

Veal Chop


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