Pittsburgh – 10/15/16 – Bar Marco, Tako and Butcher and the Rye

Bar Marco
So glad to finally make it to Bar Marco which has been on my to-do list for ages it seems.  This was an absolutely lovely brunch.  Plenty of eggs and enough beans and greens that I did not feel too badly about it afterwards.  And perhaps my new favorite brunch cocktail!

tiber fizz – gin, lemon, st. germain, egg white, red wine
a.m. salad – red leaf, purple potato, bacon, egg

beans and greens – kale, cannellini, egg, parmigiano, meatballs
quiche – foraged mushrooms, herbs, ricotta

This may be the most perfect slushy drink ever.

Squeal Mountain – tequila, green chartreuse, yellow chartreuse, Mountain Dew, herbs

Butcher and the Rye
Steel City certainly is fond of its very dark restaurants.  Another night of poor quality photos and extremely high quality food.  From the second floor we had this fantastic view down to the bar.  The portion sizes certainly were larger than they appear and larger than I am used to.  The lamb neck is definitely one of the best lamb dishes I had in 2016.  Actually this was a meal of many of my favorite things – the Lion’s Tail cocktail, brussels, farro and lamb.  Kind of perfect.

Lion’s Tail’s

Cauliflower – roasted farro, carrots, pine nuts, brown butter, harissa yogurt

Caesar – kale, compressed tomatoes, parmesan, anchovy garlic bread, caesar dressing

Smoked lamb neck – sumac & black pepper, spicy greens & beans, marinated feta, mint chimichurri

Brussels – brown butter, dill, parmigiano reggiano, preserved lemon aioli

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