Princeton, NJ – 11/8/16 – elements

I am completely embarrassed that it took me so long to get to elements.  I have visited Mistral downstairs numerous times for drinks and for dinner and have been impressed each time.  I thus went into this dinner with high expectations and they were actually exceeded.  I somewhat still can’t believe that I had this meal in the suburban town where I spend far too much of my life working.  I am looking forward to a return visit as soon as I can talk another colleague into going!

Fluke – horseradish and lemon balm

Spanish mackerel – sunchoke, pickled ginger, mizuna

Lobster – chive, trout roe, parker house roll

Foie gras – brussels sprouts, apple, bacon, acorn squash

Squab – huckleberry, pine mushroom, potato

Ostrich – cumin, shallot, pork jus

Ribeye – hickory smoked, NJ rice, shiso

Wintergreen – custard and berries

Farmers cheese – caramel, hemlock, hazelnut

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