NYC – 12/27/16 – Atoboy

It took me far too long to get to Atoboy but in my defense I knew I would be able to try much more if not dining alone.  Each orders 3 dishes for $36/person which has to be one of the absolute best deals in Manhattan and additional dishes may be added.  Looking back through my pictures I really loved everything.  There has been so much great tartare in the past year and this version certainly goes on the list.  And I can’t even look at the corn photo without getting serious cravings.  If you haven’t been, do not wait as long as I did.

Tartare – beef, oyster, potato

Leek – doenjang, cheddar, walnut

Fluke – moo radish, pomerol, sesame seed

Squid – pork, shrimp, salsa verde

Sunchoke – oyster mushroom, black truffle, orange

Corn – taleggio, bacon, doenjang

Octopus – kimchi, chorizo, parsley

Chicken – spicy peanut butter, garlic

Pork jowl – barley, ssamjang, romaine

Brisket – foie gras, ginger, garlic

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