Lummi Island, WA & Seattle – 5/29/17 – Willows Inn and Sitka & Spruce

Willows Inn
Not at all surprising that the family style breakfast at Willows was just perfect.

Sitka & Spruce
It was difficult to find something open on Memorial Day but luckily Sitka & Spruce was.  It was even better than my first visit here and a great ending to a holiday weekend.

castelvetrano olives

Columbia City baguette with whipped butter and sea salt

raw halibut, shaved radishes, citrus, a radish green broth & herbs

a selection of pickled & fermented vegetables with a pickled egg

grilled quail & asparagus, lovage, labneh & a spruce tip vinegar

crispy potatoes, taramasalata, berebere, aleppo chili & pickled ramps

clams steamed in ‘nduja cream, sherry & cilantro on fried toast

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