Seattle & Lummi Island, WA – 5/28/17 – Westward and Willows Inn

An absolutely perfect spot for a sunny Seattle day.  I loved Westward on my last trip to Seattle and so happy to get back here.



wood oven baked gigante beans, tomato, feta, breadcrumbs & marjoram

smoked arctic char salad, grilled asparagus, lentils, pan fried croutons, poached eggs

Willows Inn
It is certainly a trek to get to Willows Inn which kept me from going for quite a while but I am so glad that I finally made the effort (with a gentle push from some friends). If you stay at the inn, dinner feels like the best dinner party you have probably been to. It started with the first snacks on the patio, moved to the dining room and ended with a perfect sunset at dessert. While 2017 is not over yet, this will easily be one of my most memorable experiences of the year.

Afternoon snacks

toasted kale leaves

pink singing scallops

sidestripe prawns

rhubarb in angelica

savory doughnut

oysters and wildcress

lightly-cured rockfish in a broth of grilled bones

grilled geoduck clam

smoked mussels

reefnet caught smoked sockeye

grilled and fermented green garlic

aged venison leg

dungeness crab soaked in pine nuts

herb tostada

bread from heirloom wheat and crab brain

black cod and currant leaves

toasted birch branches

woodruff and nettles

quince and candied rosemary

pears, black walnuts, flax seeds

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