Nashville – 3/1/18 – Henrietta Red

Henrietta Red lived up to very high expectations.  But ending with fancy jello shots….awesome.

beef tartare – castelvetrano olive, preserved meyer lemon, cured egg yolk, brioche

roasted root vegetable salad, parsnip, radish, baby beet, buttermilk, dill, sesame seed

wood roasted oysters, dill, mustard butter, thyme breadcrumb

red butter lettuce, whole grain mustard, toasted almond, pickled turnip, orange, castelvetrano olive

red snapper crudo, cara cara orange, horseradish tarragon, quinoa

cauliflower steak, cashew aillade, sweet potato, pickled pepper, salsa verde

farro risotto, celery root, mushrooms, pine nuts, parmesan, scarlet frill

wild striped bass, oyster mushroom, creamed kale, mustard emulsion


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