Nashville – 3/2/18 – Husk and Bastion

After watching the fried chicken episode of Ugly Delicious how could I not immediately head to Husk?  But it is really the pimento cheese that keeps me coming back.

Definitely go early for the fantastic bar in the front where you must order the nachos.  I had heard mixed things about Bastion and almost skipped it.  I’m so glad that I didn’t.  All delicious dishes, although did not find it quite enough food.  And I love when the dishes I am most skeptical of end up being my favorites – ie. the gizzard and XO carrots with sea urchin,

raw oyster + kimchee

raw beef + radish

sunchoke + pistachio

gizzard + peanut

XO carrots + sea urchin

beef tongue + rutabaga

grouper + chicken broth

sweet potato + pecan

strawberry + coconut

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