Nashville – 3/3/18 – Josephine, Urban Cowboy and Rolf & Daughters

A great stop for brunch in the increasingly packed 12 South neighborhood of Nashville.

baked oatmeal

bibb lettuce, bacon, croutons, radish, herb buttermilk dressing

quiche, arugula, country ham, caramelized onion

Urban Cowboy
We stopped at Urban Cowboy for an afternoon snack and a few cocktails.  Such a fun place, especially with a group and I was surprised by just how good the food was.  I can’t wait to go back.

charred olives & beef fat

smoked bread & smoked butter

raw beef, endive, apple, walnut

Rolf & Daughters
I will be honest, until I looked back at my photos all I remembered from this meal was the butternut squash salad.  It was so fantastic I reordered it for dessert.  I gave myself a terrible stomach ache and didn’t sleep at all, but it was completely worth it.  But the rest of the meal was pretty great as well.

butternut squash, salsa macha, mimolette, mint

lamb sausage, yellow eyed peas, chili, mustard greens

dry aged beef tartare, barley mayo, french breakfast radish, farro

rigatoni, pancetta, ceci bean, spinach, WI pecorino

garganella verde, heritage pork ragout, sarvecchio

beef short rib, salsa verde, caesar salad, sprouted rye


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