Stockholm – 6/27/18 – Oaxen Krog

An amazing view and a completely lovely meal! Highly recommend.

Norrona herring & potato

Pork belly from Nibble gard with jerusalem artichoke & ramson

Beef tartar with natural soured cream & wild oregano

200 year old Mahogany clam with mushroom

King crab with herring roe, potato crisp & kale

Perch with pickled knotweed

Shrimp with lemon verbena & dill

Swedish wagyu with corn from Skilleby farm & potato soy

langoustine, fermented pear, gooseberry, horseradish & green juniper

white asparagus with broad beans, smoked bone marrow, black currant & elderflower

hay baked turnip with fresh garlic & cream of lovage & celeriac from our farm

scallop marinated in shellfish gram, labrador tea & buttermilk

grilled asparagus with suger kelp, pickled rhubarb & sturgeon caviar

mackerel with vegetables from Skilleby farm & reduced clam juice

lamb with preserved apples, rosehip & fennel

unripe strawberries with granite of wild pineapple weed & frozen goat yoghurt

rhubarb from our garden with hagberry blossom ice cream, strawberries, cucumber & almond

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