Philadelphia – 12/27/17 – Abe Fisher

Yet another fantastic spot in Philly and another place I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  The pickled mackerel dip was fabulous even though not what I was expecting with lettuce cups.  The sweet potato was perhaps the favorite, although the chicken was pretty great as well.  So glad I wasn’t dissuaded from this visit.

potato latke, herb sour cream, horseradish, aged cheddar

pickled mackerel dip, bibb lettuce, gribenes, beet pickled turnips

baked cheese blintz, mozzarella, Muenster, barley, roasted mushrooms

gin cured fluke, challah, whipped butter, pickled onion

sweet potato, boursin cheese smoked walnuts, pickled long hots

shakos chicken, dried apricot, parsnips, potato and swiss chard kugel

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