Seattle – 5/27/17 – JuneBaby, Canon, and Canlis

I had high hopes but this was unfortunately the most disappointing meal of the trip.  The pickles were a solid start and it’s difficult to go wrong with pimento cheese (until the crackers were much too thin to support it).  The mac & cheese unfortunately was just not good and the shrimp & grits entirely flavorless.

mixed pickles

pimento cheese, pickles & saltine crackers

cast iron macaroni & cheese

gulf shrimps with Geechie boy grits & red sauce

buttermilk biscuits

I will leave this one with a Toby Keith lyric.
“I love this bar.”

As I have said before, it is always good to take a break from chasing the newest and visit a classic.  The building that houses Canlis is fabulous but I am a sucker for mid-century modern.  Truly an awesome setting worth a visit alone.  Service was perfect and every course quite quite good.  We were even fortunate enough to enjoy a tour after dinner even though it was exceptionally late and we were the last guests to leave.

Seattle – 12/12/14 – Barnacle, the Walrus & the Carpenter and Canon

What an absolutely lovely spot to enjoy a cocktail while waiting for a seat at the Walrus & the Carpenter. I only regret not returning after dinner for another drink with so many amaros to choose from.

Cobble hill variation – fernet branca, carpano antica, bitter lemon soda


The Walrus & the Carpenter
I had wanted to visit for what seems like ages but a trip to Seattle just never materialized. So when I found myself needing a few thousand more miles before the end of the year it was the perfect excuse. An absolutely perfect meal and a waldorf salad that I could eat every single day (and my mother will attest that I actually hate waldorf salad).

Carrots,meta, caraway, mint

Waldorf salad, cabbage, hazelnuts, pear, dill

Scallop crudo, radish, smoked almond tarator, olio nuovo

Steelhead salmon tartare, horseradish creme fraiche, rye

Maple bread pudding, espresso butter sauce, whipped cream


I was exceptionally lucky to almost immediately get a seat at the bar on a Friday night, especially after being quoted a 30 min wait. Canon truly is a whisky and bitters emporium and so many bottles made for a lovely view. I loved the bottled sparkling last word as a slight variation on one of my all time favorite cocktails.


Sparkling last word

Angostura-bourbon nuts


And my favorite quote of the day: