Seattle – 5/27/17 – JuneBaby, Canon, and Canlis

I had high hopes but this was unfortunately the most disappointing meal of the trip.  The pickles were a solid start and it’s difficult to go wrong with pimento cheese (until the crackers were much too thin to support it).  The mac & cheese unfortunately was just not good and the shrimp & grits entirely flavorless.

mixed pickles

pimento cheese, pickles & saltine crackers

cast iron macaroni & cheese

gulf shrimps with Geechie boy grits & red sauce

buttermilk biscuits

I will leave this one with a Toby Keith lyric.
“I love this bar.”

As I have said before, it is always good to take a break from chasing the newest and visit a classic.  The building that houses Canlis is fabulous but I am a sucker for mid-century modern.  Truly an awesome setting worth a visit alone.  Service was perfect and every course quite quite good.  We were even fortunate enough to enjoy a tour after dinner even though it was exceptionally late and we were the last guests to leave.

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