11/17/18 – Paris – Clown Bar and Chez la Vieille

Clown Bar
Clown Bar is easily one of my favorite places in Paris and lately has been my first stop for lunch after arriving.

mackerel tempura/piquillos

radicchio/beets/black olive

milk-fed veal tartare/paris mushroom

Chez la Vieille
Another of my absolute favorites.  I would be quite happy eating here at least once a week.  Always at the bar.

blanquette de veau

herring  and potato salad

Paris – 11/23/16 – Clown Bar and Yam’Tcha

Clown Bar
I did not have a reservation for Clown Bar so went at opening hoping for the best.  It turned out that I was the only person there and due to a maintenance issue they would be opening late.  So I sat down with a book and a glass of wine and tried to acclimate to the slower pace.  If I lived in the neighborhood this is a place that I would visit as much as possible and it was the perfect start to the trip.

*For dinner reservations call just prior to lunch service at noon.

It is the one I was most excited to visit and if I could only return to one place in Paris from this trip, Yam’Tcha would be it.  There is no way that I can describe it better in words than the Chef’s Table episode did so I am not even going to try.  If you can, go.