NYC – 12/10/16 – Chaan Teng

On the occasions when I have tickets to a show the acceptable options for a pre-theatre dinner are slim.  So I was excited by this new entry (on 48th and 9th) from Pichet Ong who has perhaps been better known for his time as pastry chef at the former Spice Market.  Perhaps too excited as I did not realize that they were still awaiting a liquor license.  An unacceptable error on my part, especially when celebrating a friend’s birthday, but luckily there was a liquor store a few doors down.  Service was a bit spotty but I have to excuse it so close to opening.  And while everything was very good, the General Tso fried chicken was the standout with its super crunchy coating.  I have had a lot of great fried chicken this year and this may have been the best.  I also ranked it in my favorite dishes of 2016.  Next time I may just eat the entire order myself.

Walnut shrimp in lettuce – wild shrimp, honey walnuts, sesame, sweet mayo, bibb lettuce

Charred lo mein with egg and chicken – wok charred egg noodle, cabbage, mushroom soy, Cantonese spices

Dry fry long beans & peanuts – long Chinese green beans, Nyonya caramelized shallots, daikon preserve

Half General Tso fried chicken -with broccoli and ChaanTeng original sauce