Copenhagen – 8/25/15 – Manfreds & Vin and Amass

What a great stop for my first meal in Copenhagen. There was no menu which was perfect for having just gotten off of a plane and having no interest in decision making. I would come to see that many of the ingredients I had here would be repeated in future menus, although always in different ways. And how could I not love a meal where several courses of vegetables were followed by a dessert of pork? Here I had what turned out to be my favorite wine of the trip and luckily I was able to find 2 bottles once I returned home.


I thought our entire evening would be ruined when we were forced to get off of the ferry in the middle of an insane pop up thunderstorm with no umbrellas. Yes we sat in wet clothes for several hours, but the food, company and amazing hospitality at Amass move than overcame it.  The most unique and delicious topping for bread.  And such beautiful flowers.  And even though several of us may have inhaled the vinegar powder, the wild blueberry dessert was a complete revelation and a collective favorite for the week.

 Soft Shell Clam, Swiss Chard, Rhubarb
 Tomatoes, Cherries, Juniper Oil
 Salted Mackerel, Peas, Burnt Lemon
 Beet Root Sour Curd, Pickled Yarrow Flowers
 Grilled Beef Heart, Hazelnuts, Currants, Chanterelles
 Organic Pork Neck, Grains, Walnut, Unripe Apple
 Caramelized Goats Milk, Carrots, Fennel Flowers
 Wild Blueberries, New Potato Ice Cream, Dried Vinegar