NYC – 10/17/15 – Sadelle’s, NYCWFF with Virgilio Martinez and Matthew Lightner, and Nomad Bar

Another visit and I wish that I could say that the service improved but sadly such was not the case.  Although I did have it much better than the people seated on either side of me who were missing dishes and had to ask repeatedly if they were coming or forgotten.  And not much of a spoiler that on my most recent visit this weekend it is still not good.  As I’ve never had any service issues at any of the other Major Food Group spots, it does baffle me a bit what is going on here.  Growing too quickly perhaps?  But nevertheless I will continue to return because I love the food.  The salads are what I want to eat everyday for lunch if I could.

Beverly – turkey, cheddar, beet, bacon, tomato

NYCWFF – Virgilio Martinez and Matthew Lightner

Most of me just wants to say that this was a complete sh*t show, the end.  I was really looking forward to this dinner to have Matthew Lightner back in town and to finally have Virgilio Martinez’s food and maybe decide if I would ever make the trek to his restaurant in Peru.  The NYC Wine and Food Festival (NYCWFF) has been in existence long enough that there is really no excuse for such poor organization and service, especially at one of the priciest events of the weekend.  Of the hors d’oeuvres, we somehow only received 2 and after inquiring several times as the dinner proceeded were told that the kitchen had run out.  When the number of guests are known and the room fairly small, I still don’t understand how this was possible especially as these were not passed hors d’oeuvres.  Our table was ignored by the servers and when we questioned this and complained, the response and lack of even an apology from the organizers was disappointing at best. When paying a lot for a dinner, having to do battle to just get the food on the menu is absurd. I’ve had a good run of events at the NYCWFF but I think this is the end of the road for me.

Tart of Sprouted Grain with garden salsa and smoked clams
Rock of the Sea Razor Clams with avocado cream
Pseudocereals with Andean grains and citrus

Marine Soil Scallops with aji amarillo tiger’s milk and seaweed

Porridge of Heirloom Rice and Smoked Fish with mushrooms and sourdough
 BBQ Lamb with petals of beets and rose, aromatic red sauce
 Cacao and Chaco Clay, chocolate ganache, chaco clay and dragon fruit

Nomad Bar
And when dinner is underwhelming and you are still hungry where else to end up by Nomad Bar for my favorite cocktail, Satan’s Circus, plus a hot dog.  I’m not sure how I got by before this place was open.