NYC – 11/19/14 – Tuome

Yet another fantastic new addition to the east village. The unfortunate downside is that it is so far east that in the dead of winter it will require an enormous amount of willpower to make the trek. However thoughts of the Pig Out will lure me back. Yes the name may be a bit gimmicky, and I wish there was a portion for 1, but it was certainly delicious and lived up to my high expectations from the early reviews. Tuome somehow feels like a perfect fit for the east village yet too refined and complex for the location at the same time.


Egg – deviled, crispy, chili

Oxtail – spring roll, bone marrow, cumin

Octopus – pork xo, brown butter, fingerling potato

Pig Out (for two) – Berkshire pork, spicy peanut noodle


Brussels sprouts – grape, pork xo, raisin


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