NYC -12/18/14 – Mu Ramen and the Happiest Hour

Mu Ramen
I haven’t put so much effort into a restaurant reservation in ages. 65 calls to get through. And while I don’t want to do it again anytime soon, it was sort of fun in an old school kind of way (and gave my co-workers a bit of entertainment). Notes: Wait until 4pm to call and yes they still take walk-ins.
As for the chicken wings, fried and foie? Yes please! Loved loved both ramens that we tried. Both completely different but equally fantastic. Looking forward to a return trip now that their liquor license has been granted!

Tebaski Gyoza – deep fried chicken wings stuffed with foie and brioche

Shishito peppers with lemon aioli

And the main event



The Happiest Hour
The happiest hour it was not. Upon entering we were met by a gentleman who demanded to take our coats without so much as a greeting. The space can become extremely crowded even on a weeknight and was so loud that it was difficult to hear my friend who was directly beside me. My cocktail was well made and quite good but after one I couldn’t tolerate the noise any longer. So we proceeded to the door, handed our coat check ticket to the gentleman standing there who disappeared for quite some time and then returned to ask us what our coats looked like. When he still couldn’t find them he started almost yelling at us to tell him what the person looked like who took our coats in the first place. So 15 minutes later, after we went to the coat room in the basement ourselves and still couldn’t find them, absolutely no apologies and we were essentially accused of giving our coats to somebody who didn’t work there. Long story short, it was the same guy who originally took our coats but was trying to cover his ass. Mix ups happen and if there would have been even a simple apology I wouldn’t be writing about this. But the attitude was so completely offensive and inhospitable as if it was somehow our fault that they misplaced our coats that we didn’t even want to check in the first place. If you must visit, wait until summer.
Fall From the Tree – bourbon, apple juice, cinnamon, lemon, aromatic bitters


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