NYC – 2/16/15 – Gato

Gato has been one of my favorites since it opened as evidenced by previous posts here. I’m always happy though to be able to bring somebody new. As much as I love the menu I am hoping that spring brings a few changes.

DJ DJ – Rittenhouse Rye, St. Elizabeth’s Allspice Dram, cognac, Kelso nut brown lager

Gato spreads with buckwheat pita –
Greek yogurt/charred green chile pesto
Chickpea, meyer lemon/smoked paprika
Whitebean, feta, garlic/walnut-piquillo relish

White anchovies, pink pepper, mint

Piquillo filled with raw tuna, saffron sauce

Eggplant, manchego, oregano, balsamic

Roasted octopus, tangerine vinaigrette, bacon, oregano

Brussels sprouts, pomegranates, pistachios

Kale and Wild Mushriom Paella – crispy artichokes, egg

Apple Tarte Tatin – salted calvados caramel, vanilla-black pepper gelato

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