NYC – 6/25/15 – Pearl & Ash

Consistently my favorite pre-show at Bowery Ballroom dinner stop. While everything was fantastic, the long beans are the dish that I oddly can’t stop thinking about. However one of the more off-putting service experiences I have had in recent memory. Our server tried very hard to push us into ordering a few more plates. I often ask if I have ordered too much or too little when doing shared plates, but this night had not even asked. I would welcome a helpful comment if I had under ordered but when the customer says no the sales pitch needs to stop, which it did not. And ironically after being told we didn’t order enough, we never received one of the dishes we did order!
  heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic scape  hamachi, jicama, ricotta, arugula  
  long beans, kale, peanut, bbq sauce  bavette, cauliflower, fava beans  Blueberry, corn, lemon verbena  Waffle  

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