Copenhagen – 8/27/15 – Studio and Geranium

What an absolutely amazing lunch experience at Studio.  We somehow had the whole counter around the open kitchen to ourselves.  Thank you Chef Vildgaard for what was definitely the best chef’s counter experience I’ve had anywhere.  Absolutely beautiful and delicious food.  I am still thinking about the caviar and squid courses.  But the foie was truly outstanding and one of the most memorable dishes of my trip.  I will definitely be joining you for dinner on my next trip to Copenhagen!

Potato chips with smoked cod roe  Oysters with green strawberries and dill
 Quail egg and summer truffle
 Gougeres and lojrom with sour cream
 White sturgeon caviar with walnut milk
 Sauteed squid and creamy mussel sauce
 Pan fried foie gras with beetroot and rhubarb
 Whole roasted monkfish with Vadouvan and grilled silver onions, fermented garlic
 Green strawberries and sheep’s milk yoghurt, orange tagetes

Yet another completely outstanding meal that more than exceeded my expectations. While perhaps the most formal of the dinners we enjoyed, it was still so comfortable and whimsical. I loved the soup course served in the kitchen and can’t believe everybody stopped what they were doing for a group photo. Quite a few unique serving pieces which I always love. Such a nice touch to have made a delicious birthday cake for one of our group. And so much fun to continue to see so many local ingredients used differently than anywhere else.

Crispy Grains from Kornly

Milk, Fermented Juice from Carrot, Crab & Sea Buckthorn Oil

Pear & Pear Vinegar & Lemon Verbena

Jerusalem Artichoke Leaf, Rye Vinegar & Walnut
 Dried Apple, Apple Juice & Dried Flowers
 “Charred Potato” & Lightly Smoked Sheep Milk Butter
“Cep Mushroom Soup”

“Seaweed & Razor Clam” Impressions of the Ocean
   Jellied Ham, Tomato Water & Wild Flowers

“Dillstone”, Mackerel, Horseradish & Granita from Pickled Cucumber
   Salted Hake, Buttermilk, Lojrom & Herb Stems
 Bread with Emmer & Spelt
 Biodynamic Onions with Chamomile & Melted Hay Cheese

Flavors of the Ocean, Beach Plants, Brown Butter & Dried Scallop Roe
 Egg Yolk in Melted Lard & Essence of Black Currant Leaves
 Chicken, Red Pointed Cabbage, Pine Sprouts & Meadow Hay Beer

 Flora of Grilled Raspberries, Hip Rose, Elderflower with Frozen Sheep Yoghurt

 Beeswax Ice Cream, Cloudberries & Salted Caramel
 “A Walk in the Forest” Woodruff & Wood Sorrel
 “Birthday Cake”

 “Lingonberry Bush” with Beetroot
Small Cake with Pumpkin Seed Oil
 Green Egg with Pine

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