NYC – 10/9/15 – Sadelle’s

My first attempt to visit Sadelle’s unfortunately was on a Monday and I did not realize that they were closed.  Its probably good that I gave them an additional week to work out some of the kinks.  There are several restaurants where terrible service completely ruined the experience for me and because the food was not exceptional I will never return.  On this visit to Sadelle’s service was honestly a complete disaster.  My table evidently fell through the cracks with no server assigned and I sat for 25 minutes before even being able to catch somebody’s attention.  And it really went downhill from there.  However in spite of this Sadelle’s is one of my favorite new restaurants of the year.  I absolutely loved the waldorf salad including the lemon vinaigrette which tastes exactly like one I used to make.  I wasn’t expecting anything great from the house beets but this may be the best beet salad I’ve ever had.  The fresh herbs and lemon zest made them somewhat addicting.  While I believe that food and service are equal parts of the experience, on rare occasions great food is enough to forgive the other issues.  I took a chocolate babka to-go and may have eaten the whole thing in two days (even though I hate to admit it).

Waldorf salad – chicken, raisin, walnut, celery, apple
 House beets
 Chocolate babka

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