NYC – 10/6/15 – Contra & Commis

For some reason this is the first Contra collaboration dinner that I have managed to attend.  Such a fun evening and I’m glad to have finally experienced some of James Syhabout’s cooking as I have yet to get myself to Commis.   So many fantastic dishes that it is difficult to choose a favorite but I think I would have to go with the trout skin as I could have easily eaten a dozen more.  Looking forward to the next of these collaborations!

trout skin with smoked roe, cultured cream
 oyster, horseradish & red shiso, dried scallop broth
 cabbage & caramelized sunchoke, dill, anchovy
 hake, warm soup apple, verbena, licorice, caviar
 treviso, carrot, pistachio
 raw beef, kale, sorrel
 squab, ginger & plums, hazelnuts
 grape & oats

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