NYC – 11/14/15 – Bruno

I went into Bruno frankly not expecting to like it very much.  I am very particular about pizza crust and from all accounts this wasn’t of the type that I favored.  Perhaps because I had such low expectations I actually did enjoy this pizza.  The toppings were delicious and while not my preference, the crust was a very good version of what it was aiming to be.  But reference to Bruno as a pizzeria is somewhat misleading in that it takes away from the rest of the menu.  And it was the other dishes that I was very impressed by.  On my next visit I will likely skip the pizza altogether as there are just too many other good dishes.  My only criticism is that the very bright lighting may be great for food photography but creates a very harsh ambience. And I must agree with Pete Wells that the seating is beyond uncomfortable.

Celery root – cured salmon, autumn olives, lovage, skyr, rye Duck liver mousse – quinoa, quince, kamut crackers

‘Nduja pizza – spicy pork, cauliflower, Dorset, tomato
 Local squid – hatch chile, charred onion, wild sumac

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