NYC – 11/9/15 – Gotham Bar and Grill

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I have been to Gotham Bar & Grill and I need to make much more of an effort to visit my old favorites and New York classics in 2016.  I went for the burger which was perfect and one of the few where I actually ate the entire bun and didn’t feel like it was too much.  But as good as the burger was, it may have been overshadowed by the seafood salad.  It is not even something I would typically order and I can’t recall why I did this particular day.  The seafood was cooked perfectly and the portion size was substantial.  The refreshing vinaigrette perhaps made it seem to be more of a ceviche than what I traditionally think of when I hear ‘seafood salad’ and was probably why I loved it so much.  Definitely a dish I will be returning for very soon.

Cider tree- mount gay black barrel rum, calvados, apple butter, allspice dram, cinnamon Seafood salad – scallops, squid, spanish octopus, lobster, sweet shrimp, avocado and lemon vinaigrette
 Gotham burger – plymouth tomme cheddar, vermont bacon-onion jam, lemon aioli, kennebec french fries

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