NYC – 1/13/16 – Momofuku Ko

In the past few months Ko has quickly become on of my absolute favorites in NYC.  Often I stop by just for a drink as I feel a bit guilty indulging in tasting menus too often when I’m not traveling.  I love when any restaurant can take a food that I typically am not crazy about and make me love it.  On this menu for instance, I generally dislike razor clams, uni and monkfish.  But these particular preparations are outstanding.  As I’m writing this post 6 weeks later the menu has already undergone several changes which means that its fortunately time for another visit.  #firstworldproblems

potato waffle. pommes soufflees. lobster paloise. millefeuille.

madai – consomme, shiso, fingerlime

scallop – tonburi, citron
 uni – chickpea, hozon
 razor clam – apple, basil
beef – rutabaga, green peppercorn
caviar – potato, fermented radish
 monkfish – liver, poblano
 pyramidi – broccoli, aged cheddar

venison – kale, olive berry
 foie gras – lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly
carrot cardamom – meringue  chocolate – mint, fernet branca

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