NYC – 12/30/17 – Atla and Momofuku Ko

Deserted on a frigid and snowy morning but excellent as always and worth making the trek for.

arctic char and farmers cheese tostada

ranchero eggs

Very belated and a bit sad in retrospect as this was my last visit to the Ko bar before the space was renovated.  I will eventually catch up to the new space and menu (which is awesome) but I loved the old one as well.

NYC – 11/11/17 – Momofuku Ko

Perhaps I avoid getting caught up on this blog because revisiting my favorite places in NYC just makes me too sad.  Yet another fantastic dinner at my favorite spot topped off by a perfect chocolate fernet dessert.

black bass, rye bonji, perilla

sea urchin, chickpea, hozon

ko egg, caviar

beef au poivre

razor clam, pineapple, basil

striped bass, eggplant, tomato

lamb, radish

foie gras, lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly


foie gras, lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly

chocolate, mint, fernet branca

NYC – 7/16/17 – Momofuku Ko

Yet another fantastic meal at one of my favorites, Momofuku Ko.  This was actually my first visit for lunch and I especially loved the new-to-me pork and squash dish. I’m missing a few photos but I overcast about Ko anyway!

chicken oyster

black bass, rye bonji, perilla

sea urchin, chickpea, hozon

ko egg, caviar

beef, au poivre

lobster, lobster mushroom

pork, squash

foie gras, lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly

strawberry, vanilla

NYC – 4/27/17 – Jeremy Fox @ Momofuku Ko

One never knows about these visiting chef dinners. Often with great chefs they are not that successful due to just being out of their element, having to source different ingredients, or a kitchen staff that they don’t know.  But when the rare one works it can be fantastic.  I’ve been trying to come up with something that tops this but haven’t been able to so far.  Perhaps because while I would not have mistaken this menu for a Ko dinner (ok maybe I would have if I went less), it still felt just like Ko.

peas, white chocolate & macadamia

radish, chevre, sea moss & mustard

sunchoke, grapefruit, fennel, uni & shoyu

beets, berries, avocado & pistachio

pappa al pomodoro, ramp kimchi & burrata

fava bean & sorrel cacio e pepe

morels en papillote, foie gras & egg yolk

strawberry with polenta soffits

pork, kumquat, kohlrabi & dill

beef, brassicas, green peanut miso & marrow

lavender almonds

fresh ricotta & strawberries

bread au chocolat

NYC – 12/30/16 – Momofuku Ko truffle dinner

One of my earliest NYC food memories is of the wonderful truffle tasting menu at old Alain Ducasse at the Essex House.  At the time I couldn’t afford these types of experiences.  But I am blessed to have an aunt & uncle who prefer French restaurants and every time they came to town would invite me to dinner.  I am often asked how I got so into food.  I attribute it partially to the endless hours that I watched the Food Network in its early years.   But my love for fine dining came from these visits to places like Alain Ducasse, Bouley, and Daniel.

Anyway I have been a complete sucker for truffles ever since.  So there is just no way this could have been anything other than fantastic.  It is difficult to pick favorite courses in this amazing menu by Sean Gray (but I would certainly love if the honeynut squash made a reappearance next winter).  Excellent wine pairings from Chase Sinzer and service from the rest of the Ko team.  I wish I could do this one all over again. ❤

chicken oyster – montepulciano white

lobster – mornay, aragon black

otoro – scallion, dashi

scallop – sunchoke, aragon black

honeynut squash – benton’s ham, aragon black

royale – foie gras, naked pruner, montepulciano white

king crab – tofu, montepulciano white

madai – sweetbreads, aragon black, shellfish

dry aged beef – aragon black, lettuce


buckwheat waffle – montepulciano white, vanilla ice cream

Hozon blondie to go

NYC – 12/7/16 – Momofuku Ko

Ko continues to be my favorite restaurant in New York and the one always at the top of my list of recommendations for foodie friends from out of town.  I have stopped including in this blog my many visits for the shorter bar menu otherwise you may tire of these posts, but this trip was for the full menu.  I am still trying to figure out why I like the sea urchin-chickpea dish so much considering I dislike urchin and have texture issues so that this dish on paper is something I wouldn’t even want to try.  After much contemplation I think that the olive oil is the magic component.  The ko egg will never ever get old.  Of the new-to-me dishes on this menu it was a tie for my favorite between the sweet potato-brown butter and beef-au poivre.  If you haven’t been yet, GO.

pomme souffle

lobster paloise

chicken oyster

blackfish – barrel aged bonji

sea urchin – chickpea, hozon

ko egg – caviar

sweet potato – brown butter

beef – au poivre

razor clam – pineapple, basil

bouillabaisse – potato, saffron

duck – squash

foie gras – lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly

wild rice – kombu

melon – honey, mint

NYC – 3/12/16 – Wildair & Momofuku Ko

Still one of my absolute favorites and I love being able to bring friends who haven’t been here before.  Although I admittedly wish it wasn’t quite so popular as even a few minutes after opening you are lucky to get a seat.

  Beef tartare, smoked cheddar, chestnut
  Tallow roasted beets, kumquat  Bass crudo, pineaple, nduja

And for dinner number 2 of the evening, on to my other favorite for the bar menu at Ko.  I cannot say enough how much I love this place.  Perhaps the most complete package of great food and hospitality in New York.  And foie 2.0 gives the original some serious competition.

NYC – 1/13/16 – Momofuku Ko

In the past few months Ko has quickly become on of my absolute favorites in NYC.  Often I stop by just for a drink as I feel a bit guilty indulging in tasting menus too often when I’m not traveling.  I love when any restaurant can take a food that I typically am not crazy about and make me love it.  On this menu for instance, I generally dislike razor clams, uni and monkfish.  But these particular preparations are outstanding.  As I’m writing this post 6 weeks later the menu has already undergone several changes which means that its fortunately time for another visit.  #firstworldproblems

potato waffle. pommes soufflees. lobster paloise. millefeuille.

madai – consomme, shiso, fingerlime

scallop – tonburi, citron
 uni – chickpea, hozon
 razor clam – apple, basil
beef – rutabaga, green peppercorn
caviar – potato, fermented radish
 monkfish – liver, poblano
 pyramidi – broccoli, aged cheddar

venison – kale, olive berry
 foie gras – lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly
carrot cardamom – meringue  chocolate – mint, fernet branca

NYC – 11/12/15 – Momofuku Ko

While I probably will not make a list of my favorite dining experiences of 2015, if I were to do so this dinner would easily be in my top 5.  This was my first time sitting at one of the two tables instead of the counter and certainly some of the presentations are just far more impressive for a larger group.  There was not one course which I did not absolutely love which is consistent with previous visits.  Our essentially second course could have been a meal in itself and if it had ended at that point I would have gone home very happy.  If there were not any witnesses I probably would have eaten the guinea hen to the point of making myself sick.  Food aside I just love the entire environment of Ko 2.0.  I am often down on friendliness of service in New York restaurants but Ko embodies the concept of hospitality.  Now that I am somewhat thinking about my favorite experiences of this past year, the stand outs are the ones that not only have amazing food and impeccable service but also have figured out, for lack of a better description, the ‘it’ factor in hospitality.  I am definitely looking forward to many more visits in 2016.

a blank canvas
 vegetable roll.  pommel soufflés.  lobster paloise.  millefeuille.
  black bass, madai, uni, mackerel, chickpea, finger lime, bonji, shiso, sudachi
   razor clam – apple, basil
 siberian sturgeon caviar – radish, potato
 sourdough bread & radish butter
 halibut – cauliflower, hungarian pepper
guinea hen – matsutake, black vinegar
   celery root – white truffle, tandoori
 beef – daikon, scallion
 foie gras – lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly
 carrot cardamom – meringue
 pistachio – apricot
chocolate – fernet branca

NYC – 3/13/15 – Momofuku Ko

I will quickly sum this up – I loved my second trip to the new Ko just as much as the first.  I still feel like it’s an entirely different restaurant from the original, at a minimum Ko 2.0, and am still impressed by how much service has improved.  The menu was largely the same as 2 months earlier (which I have posted about previously) so I will spare the descriptions but do have to mention that the epoisses potatoes with the venison were to die for.  If you haven’t been…go!


NYC – 1/14/15 – Momofuku Ko

It had quite some time, actually way too long, since I visited the old Ko. So the memory may have faded slightly but it still feels like the new Ko is an entirely new restaurant – the more grown up and refined version of the original. The new space is industrial yet quite homey and I can’t wait to visit in summer when I hope the garage doors will be open. Service is much more friendly than I remember and the chefs a bit more chatty. Of course everything that we ate was fantastic and its difficult to pick favorites, but I am a sucker for soft scrambled eggs. Keep an eye on the reservations as we got lucky fairly last minute. And it didn’t photograph well, but I cannot fail to mention the very unique take-home menu presentation.

Aperitif – verjus, cappelletti, soda

Apple soda

Lobster paloise. Tartlet

Vegetable roll


Madal – green chile, shiso, consommé

Razor clam – pineapple, basil

Beet – brown butter, anchovy, furikake

Venison – fermented black bean, Brussels sprouts

Mackerel sabazushi – ginger, dashi ponzu

Mushroom – scallop, asian pear


Soft scramble – potato, osetra, herbs. Bread and butter


Celery root – black truffle, tandoori

Branzino – artichoke, sumac, yogurt

Lobster – sweet potato, tonsure, sauce

Foie gras – lychee, pine nut, riesling jelly

Duck – lime pickle, watercress



Clementine – campari

Coconut – banana, rum