NYC – 2/10/16 – Mission Chinese Food

I had been putting off a visit to the new Mission Chinese probably because its seems such a trek to the outer edge of the LES.  While the design is certainly exceedingly better than version 1.0, it is sad as Rosette, the previous restaurant in this space, was beautiful.  It took me a bit to get past it, but when I finally did I realized how much I missed the food. I order a green papaya salad everywhere that has one and this one of the best.  I have though had enough of the trend of a restaurant bringing out more dishes at once than will fit on the table.  I realize this is easier for the kitchen than having to actually course out and appropriately time the meal and I conceptually don’t mind.  But I don’t want to speed eat so that a plate can be removed to make room for my water glass.  Nor do I appreciate a server looking at me as if I am supposed to somehow magically make the table twice as big and rearrange all of the plates for them.  I don’t know what the solution is but its getting to be intolerable.

Tingling negroni – gin, pinecone liqueur, tingling oil, aperol, cynar
 Green papaya salad – smoked chicken, green tomatoes, pickled tea leaves, peanuts

Green tea noodles – ginger, scallion, hoisin, matcha

Broccoli beef brisket – baby chinese broccoli, house made oyster sauce, seeds
 Hokkaido scallop sashimi – kombu bured, grapefruit, nori

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