NYC – 2/6/16 – Lucky Bee

Lucky Bee has to be one of the most cramped restaurants in NYC and after trying to navigate to the bathroom I gained an entirely new appreciation for the servers.  Another fun option on the LES but after using Reserve to book and making my friends sign up so that we could split the bill through the app, it was disappointing that we couldn’t pay this way.

 Steamed pork and sesame dumplings, chinese black vinegar, black bean, fried garlic
 Tuna tartare, roast chili & shallot, lime, popped wild rice
 Green papaya salad, tamarind & lime, toasted peanuts, snake beans
 Smashed cucumbers, dill pickle, fried peanuts, sweet rice vinegar, coconut milk
 Spiced massaman curry of lamb shoulder, kipfler potato, pineapple vinegar

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