NYC – 2/23/16 – Brushstroke

It doesn’t matter how long I am in NYC, there will always be an endless list of restaurants that I somehow haven’t been to.  I’m not sure how Brushstroke eluded me for so long but glad I finally got here.  Definitely a bit of a hidden gem in Tribeca.

Sakizuke – Pacific oyster and uni, fresh green seaweed Nagoriyuki lemon foam
 Nimonowan – rabbit pate sakura-mochi in rabbit dashi broth, hearts of palm
 ​Today’s sashimi six kinds
 Hashiyasume – hedgehog mushroom chawanmushi, truffle-ankake
 Hassun – Japanese red snapper, sakura sushi, scottish salmon lemon yuan-yaki, Portugal octopus dill mustard vinegar miso
 Shiizakana – Colorado lamb sakura-yaki, satoimo puree, red wine reduction sauce
 Stewed Oregon washu-beef, yuba-ankake

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