NYC – 3/26/16 – Cafe Carlyle

I was going to pretend this whole experience did not happen and not include it on this blog at all. But the show I went to see was fantastic, so thankfully there was something redeeming about Cafe Carlyle other than the entertainment and company. My pre-show cocktail in Bemelmans was perfect, albeit it overpriced. There was a $75 minimum for the show and in retrospect I should have just spent it all on drinks. The shrimp cocktail I ordered was an insulting $28, or $5.60 per shrimp. Yet it seemed a better option than the salads which were nearly as expensive and looked pitiful. My steak frites was overcooked and was an even more insulting $59. At Minetta Tavern the excellent steak frites is currently $36. And even at Balthazar which is too touristy but more classic, the steak frites only comes in at $41. I clearly have no problem spending a lot of money on food but when the price is so completely unjustified based on the food quality and service (which frankly sucked) I can’t help but think of the things I would have rather spent this money on. Its really sad that a NY classic is not even trying.

Jumbo shrimp cocktail
Steak frites – grilled 12 oz. rib eye, julienne fries, chimichurri

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