NYC – 5/16/16 – Contra @ Gramercy Tavern

I have absolutely loved all of the Contra collaboration dinners and this one was no exception.  While the floral displays and seasonal decorations at Gramercy Tavern are always stunning, the centerpiece of the large table in the private dining room was exceptional.  Looking back at this menu it is very difficult to pick a favorite dish.  And in several cases I am not sure which dish was a Contra vs. Gramercy Tavern creation which in my opinion means that this was a very successful collaboration.  Also impeccable service by the GT team!

Warm potatoes, mackerel, spruce
Smoked trout & eel consomme, onions
Hake, parsnips, mustard greens

Sweetbreads, asparagus, lobster

Grilled coppa, mushrooms, fresh herbs

Off-menu dessert

Passionfruit semifreddo, wildflower honey, spruce

Strawberries, sour milk ice cream

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