Oslo – 6/29/18 – Kontrast

wild parsnip with buckwheat

Tartar of wild salmon with potato and dill, deep fried salmon skin

tartar of lamb from Korsvold Farm

amackerel from Kristiansand marinated in fermented cherry juice and roseroot with radish and salsify

duck liver from Holte Farm, meadowsweet from Songsvann and pickled walnuts

king crab, grilled rhubarb with rose-hip from Bygdoy

Wild salmon from Namenfjorden, charred cucumber with sea arrow grass and wasabi leaves from Oksenoya
grilled summer cabbage with sauce of dried lobster and scallop with fermented lobster head and crab apples
veal from Grondalen Farm with sauce of horseradish, lovage and sour cream with turnip

Mangalitsa pig from Svartskog Farm, roasted garlic and swiss chard from Korsvold Farm

Kraftkar from Tingvollost, honey from Vulkan Beefarm

Ice cream made of bone marrow from Horgen Farm, granite of summer berries and rhubarb
Elderflower from Skott Farm, spanish chervil cream with elderflower ice cream

Jerusalem artichoke and coffee
apple marmalade
caramel of brown cheese from Prestholt in Hol

Stockholm – 6/28/18 – Mathias Dahlgren & Gastrologik

Mathias Dahlgren
During the day this space in the Grand Hotel is absolutely lovely and makes for a quite perfect lunch stop.  It is pricey but every dish was fantastic and it was very hard to choose what to order.

raw marinated pike-perch & pine nuts, trout roe, orange, lemon verbena

steamed bun “pork adobo,” pickled cucumber, coriander, pepper

green peas & roasted cauliflower, pickled garlic, rye bread, lime

With very limited time I had a very difficult time trying to narrow down where I wanted to dine in Stockholm.  This was the opening I debated for a while and can’t imagine having missed Gastrologik.

tunnbrod with smoked perch

summer onion and rakfisk

chicken liver, apple and meringue

grass kelp with truffle algaes

seasonal greenery with last winter’s smoked cod roe

knackebrod made with Warbrokvarn spelt with lovage ‘margarine’

karintorp tomatoes with mates herring, sour cream and pine shoot oil

raw shrimp from Smogen with radishes and horseradish

soured vegetables, daikon, black currant leaves and maritime flavours

smoked mackerel from Smogen with cucumber, unripe gooseberries and angelica

Zander’s cheek with peas and white asparagus porridge

Lettuce from Karshamra farm with grilled butter

Breast, thigh and stomach of corn-fed duck from Munka-Ljungby with rhubarb

Elderflower with frozen yoghurt and cucumber

Frozen sorrel with cream and parsley


“Sandkaka’ with currant leaves and early summer blossoms

White asparagus tart with honey

Stockholm – 6/27/18 – Oaxen Krog

An amazing view and a completely lovely meal! Highly recommend.

Norrona herring & potato

Pork belly from Nibble gard with jerusalem artichoke & ramson

Beef tartar with natural soured cream & wild oregano

200 year old Mahogany clam with mushroom

King crab with herring roe, potato crisp & kale

Perch with pickled knotweed

Shrimp with lemon verbena & dill

Swedish wagyu with corn from Skilleby farm & potato soy

langoustine, fermented pear, gooseberry, horseradish & green juniper

white asparagus with broad beans, smoked bone marrow, black currant & elderflower

hay baked turnip with fresh garlic & cream of lovage & celeriac from our farm

scallop marinated in shellfish gram, labrador tea & buttermilk

grilled asparagus with suger kelp, pickled rhubarb & sturgeon caviar

mackerel with vegetables from Skilleby farm & reduced clam juice

lamb with preserved apples, rosehip & fennel

unripe strawberries with granite of wild pineapple weed & frozen goat yoghurt

rhubarb from our garden with hagberry blossom ice cream, strawberries, cucumber & almond

Stockholm – 6/26/18 – Ekstedt

A great start to this trip. And smoked deer is my new favorite thing.

lightly smoked mackerel, peas and elderflower


Venice roe from Kalix, smoked deer and birch fired leek

Juniper smoked pike-perch, endive and sunchoke

Hay-flamed mushrooms, sweetbread and salsify

Birch fired lamb, cabbage and ramson capers

cheese from Lofsta farm

Glamed spruce-crepe, rhubarb and nuts