La Jolla and San Diego – 10/27/17 – Galaxy Taco and Juniper & Ivy

Galaxy Taco
I so wish Galaxy Taco was in downtown San Diego instead of La Jolla!

Juniper & Ivy
It’s always my first choice when anybody comes to visit!

carne cruda asada, quail egg, cotija, jalapeno

persimmon caprese, burrata, lemon balm, puffed rice, champagne vin, persimmon jam

country ham pancake, candied pistachio, persimmon

sweet potato agnolotti, maple glazed chestnuts, sage, brown butter

ahi tuna wellington, mushroom duxelles, gravy, kale, horseradish fingerling potatoes

San Diego – 6/22/17 – Juniper & Ivy 

This was my first visit to Juniper & Ivy as I put it off on my interview and apartment hunting trips fearing that I would be disappointment but what was supposed to be the best place in San Diego. Thankfully it is awesome and I have been back so many times in the last few months that eventually I will have to stop posting about it. The menu has since changed many times but this bbq carrot dish is still one of my favorites.

big trouble in little italy – bourbon, montenegro amaro, mint, lemon, peach bitters

bbq carrots, jalapeno chimichurri, peanuts, apricot

asparagus, soppressata, salmon roe, meyer lemon, crispy potatoes, cured egg yolk

beef tartare, fave hummus, pickled eggplant, beef tendon chicharron

San Diego – 9/14/17 – Juniper & Ivy

I hope the Chef’s Counter tasting menu makes a comeback. But regardless I am so happy that Juniper & Ivy exists in what can otherwise be the dining abyss of San Diego.

hoshigaki, serrano ham
graffiti eggplant, ratatouille
sweetbreads, hot sauce
sea urchin, squid ink toast
oyster, pearls

yellowtail, mango, fermented jalapeno, achiote

foie gras, glazed walnuts, poached figs, watercress

porcini mushrooms, soft boiled egg, charred leeks, roasted chicken jus

spot prawn paella, chanterelles, corn, garlic aioli, lardo

ribeye, alaskan fingerling potato, crispy onion rings, broccoli

melon shaved ice

poached pear, fried ice cream