NYC – 2/2/17 – Upland

After having a terrible service experience at Upland soon after it opened I vowed not to visit again.  But needing something in the area with last minute availability I gave it a second chance.  The second time was a charm and it couldn’t have been better.

hamachi crudo, radish, yuzu kosho vinaigrette & red sorrel

beef tartare, black trumpet mushroom, puffed farro, anchovy & egg yolk

sausage & kale pizza

little gem salad, avocado, cucumber, ricotta salata & walnut vinaigrette

NYC – 2/28/15 – Upland

Unfortunately there are little things that can immediately turn me off to a restaurant.  I sat at an uncrowded bar early in the evening and after a few minutes one of the bartenders provided me with a drink menu.  Perhaps 10 minutes later an older gentleman sat beside me.  Shortly thereafter the bartender, who had never asked me for my order even though I had now been waiting for quite a while, asked the gentleman what he was having.  At this point the gentleman asked the bartender if he had already taken my order.  While I think this violates some basic rules of hospitality, ladies first is just proper manners and a customer shouldn’t have had to point this out.  This said, my dinner was quite good.  The salad beautiful, the lamb neck perfectly cooked and lightened by the greens on the plate.  While outstanding food can overcome poor service, I’m honesty not sure that I found the rest of the menu tempting enough to return anytime soon.

Five lettuce ‘caesar’ – Bordeaux radish + garlic anchovy vinaigrette

Slow cooked lamb neck – baby carrots, soft herbs + polenta