NYC – 12/12/15 – Push Project – Empellon Cocina & Hoja Santa

I absolutely love the Push Project dinners and am lucky enough to have attended almost all of them. I knew this combination of Albert Adria, Paco Mendez and Alex Stupak would be fantastic and it certainly was.  Not to take anything away from the savory courses as it is impossible to even pick a favorite, but the desserts completely blew me away.  This was a fairly long menu but I would have gladly had seconds of each one.  I don’t even like tres leeches, but like so many things you just need to have an outstanding version to change your mind about a dish.  And the frozen corn….outstanding.

As with most Push Projects timing was all over the place with some courses coming out on top of each other and then long pauses.  But it is to be expected with this type of experience.  In a first for NYC dining in small spaces, one member of our group had an entire beer poured down her back but our server couldn’t have been more apologetic and even went out and bought her a rose at the end of our meal.  That is certainly hospitality.  I can’t wait to see what the next Push Project brings as this one will be difficult to top. And thank you for now using Tock for booking. Much appreciated as the system is amazing and past reservation experiences were very unpleasant.

 ALMEJAS DE SANGRE CON SANGRITA HIELO – Wellfleet Blood Clams with Frozen Sangria (HS)

ENCURTIDOS DE VERDURAS – Pickled Vegetables (HS)
 JICARA DE ELOTE CON ACEITE DE QUELITES Y CHIPOTLE – Corn Jicara with Pipicha Oil and Chipotle (HS)
 HOJA SANTA CRUJIENTE – Crunchy Hoja Santa (HS)
 GAZPACHO DE AGUACATE – Avocado Gazpacho (HS)
 QUESADILLA DE TRUFA NEGRA – Black Truffle Quesadilla (HS)
 CEMITA DE MILANESA DE ABALONE – Mini Pueblan Style Sandwich with Fried Abalone (E)
 CEVICHE DE RECADO NEGRO – Ceviche Recado Negro Under a Frozen Pond (HS)

 CAMPECHANA – Mixed Seafood Cocktail with Spicy Ketchup (E)
 CEBOLLA X-NI-PEK – Red Onion X-Ni-Pek (HS)
 PIPIAN PAPANTECO CON LANGOSTA DE MAINE – Papantla Style Pipian with Maine Lobster (HS)
 MANCHAMANTELES – Mole with Sweet Potato and Fruit (E)
 TRES LECHES – Milk Soaked Sponge Cake with Kabocha Squash and Pecan Ice (E)
 MAIZ, CHOCOLATE, Y CAJETA – Corn, Chocolate, and Cajeta (HS)
 FLAN DE CHICORIA CON YEMA DE PATO – Chicory Flan with Duck Egg Yolk (E)
 SORBETE DE NARANJA CON SAL DE GUSANOS – Orange sorbet with Sal de Gusanos (E)


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