NYC – 2/2/16 – Oiji

This may be the year of beef tartare in NYC.  Oiji’s version definitely gives Wildair’s a run for its money.  Perhaps the most beautiful beef tartare I’ve had and I could have eaten two easily.  But as completely different I will refrain from picking a favorite.  While a heavily instagramed dish this year (and how I don’t know as the it was so dark), the “Chil-jeol-pan” unfortunately seemed a bit flavorless.  Perhaps a victim of the success of the tartare and extremely flavorful kimchi and mackerel.

Mother Flower – Hibiscus Hwayo 41, Cocchi Americano, Genepy, Chartreuse  Kimchi
 Beef Tartare with Ramp Aioli
 “Chil-jeol-pan” Seven Flavors
 Pine Leaves Smoked Mackerel with Citrus Soy

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