Seattle – 5/26/17 – Bateau

Somehow I did not take any photos of my actual steak, but Bateau is actually a steakhouse via Renee Erickson whose other Seattle spots I love.  Ordering can be a bit daunting as chalkboards list all of the selections of the day and there are so so many choices of cuts and often the same cuts from different farms.  Many cuts I knew but perhaps even more that I did not.  And while it is tempting when faced with such a large menu to pick a tried-and-true cut, it is really the perfect opportunity to try something you may not have elsewhere.  The steak was delicious, as was the tartare but the side of english peas stole the show.
steak tartare – beet green sauerkraut, dill, cured yolk, rye toast

asparagus – nettles, egg yolk, salmon roe

english peas – burnt lemon, macron almonds, tarragon and fresh cheese

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