Melbourne – 3/14/18 – Attica

Love love love.  Including the ants, grub type worms and possum.


Aged Santa Claus Melon

Pearl Cooked in Paperbark

Our Vegemite, Our Salada

Witchetty Grubs

An Imperfect History of Ripponlea

Green Ant Pav

All Parts of the Scampi

Chewy Carrots

Mutton Shell

Mystery Meat

Hand Picked Crab and Sour Damper

Red Kangaroo with Truganini

Pumpkin, Offal and Sour Beer

Grilled Marron with Desert Lime

Pests of the Neighborhood

Camel Milk Ice

Whipped Emu Egg

Attica Cheftales

Sydney – 3/13/18 – Automata

I debated between a few places to visit on my last night in Sydney and so glad I listened to one of my favorite Momofuku employees and went to Automata.

dried tomato, sheep’s milk curd, black plum, shiso, tomato vinegar

cuttlefish, pickled celery, shallot oil, fennel & ink

steamed murray cod, turnip puree, daikon, roasted kelp oil

pork neck, eggplant, fermented cucumber & mustard

manchengo, pickled carrot, wild thyme honey, fennel pollen

Sydney – 3/12/18 – momofuku seiōbo

The NYT review that came out right after this visit said it all more eloquently than I ever could. I do disagree that Seiobo has “less and less in common with the other Momofuku restaurants.” While there are not any typical Momofuku dishes, the entire experience felt identifiably Momofuku to me.  And the marron was my favorite dish in Sydney.

mofongo – plantain, garlic, chicharrones

cou cou – corn, okra, sterling caviar

sea urchin, cassava, pepper sauce butter

green banana, creole, mullet roe

ducana – sweet potato, currants, caribbean x.o.

mamposteau – rice, beans, peanut

marron + coconut bakes

pernil – pork chop, choko, mango

passionfruit + roselle

pumpkin, burnt coconut, seeds

cakes – rum cake + cassava pone + guinness cake

Sydney – 3/11/18 – Saint Peter and Quay

Saint Peter
My first meal on this trip was off to a good start with a G&T with my favorite gin – Four Pillars – which I would go on to drink at every opportunity.  I am so glad that I managed to fit this in and a bit mad that I didn’t come back everyday for lunch as it was that good.

raw diced 10 day aged Mooloolaba broadbill, sour onion & egg yolk

BBQ Coorong pipis, burnt tomato, lemon thyme & garlic mayonnaise

Berry’s creek blue cheese VIC

Is there another restaurant that has a more spectacular view?  This was overall such a lovely experience and I am so glad I got to try the famous snow egg right before it was taken off of the menu.

Another Four Pillars G&T with an opera house backdrop.

And extra course that unfortunately I can’t remember

new season muntries, sheep’s milk feta, sour cucumber, herbs, pistachios, verjus

congee of hand dived scallops, heart of palm, black vinegar laver

bread & butter

slow cooked quail, fermented mushroom custard, green walnuts, brioche porridge, seed crackling

smoked confit pig jowl, southern squid, shaved shiitake, sea cucumber crackling

steamed coral trout, heirloom radishes, sake, lemon

Arkady lamb, barletta onions, ice plant, oca, lemon puree, roasted hemp seed

snow egg

oloroso caramel, muscovado, dulcet, muscatel, walnut

LA – 3/9/18 – Majordomo

I am so excited to have Momofuku on the west coast!!!!  Too bad it is impossible to get reservations but if you time it right you can get a seat at the bar. The egg and smoked roe bing was delicious and a fun take on the Ko egg. Too bad peas will likely not be on the menu by the time I make it back.

Bing – eggs & smoked roe

raw sugar snaps, horseradish, lemon, shallot

Santa Barbara rock crab – spicy cured, chilled & crab fat rice

Nashville – 3/3/18 – Josephine, Urban Cowboy and Rolf & Daughters

A great stop for brunch in the increasingly packed 12 South neighborhood of Nashville.

baked oatmeal

bibb lettuce, bacon, croutons, radish, herb buttermilk dressing

quiche, arugula, country ham, caramelized onion

Urban Cowboy
We stopped at Urban Cowboy for an afternoon snack and a few cocktails.  Such a fun place, especially with a group and I was surprised by just how good the food was.  I can’t wait to go back.

charred olives & beef fat

smoked bread & smoked butter

raw beef, endive, apple, walnut

Rolf & Daughters
I will be honest, until I looked back at my photos all I remembered from this meal was the butternut squash salad.  It was so fantastic I reordered it for dessert.  I gave myself a terrible stomach ache and didn’t sleep at all, but it was completely worth it.  But the rest of the meal was pretty great as well.

butternut squash, salsa macha, mimolette, mint

lamb sausage, yellow eyed peas, chili, mustard greens

dry aged beef tartare, barley mayo, french breakfast radish, farro

rigatoni, pancetta, ceci bean, spinach, WI pecorino

garganella verde, heritage pork ragout, sarvecchio

beef short rib, salsa verde, caesar salad, sprouted rye


Nashville – 3/2/18 – Husk and Bastion

After watching the fried chicken episode of Ugly Delicious how could I not immediately head to Husk?  But it is really the pimento cheese that keeps me coming back.

Definitely go early for the fantastic bar in the front where you must order the nachos.  I had heard mixed things about Bastion and almost skipped it.  I’m so glad that I didn’t.  All delicious dishes, although did not find it quite enough food.  And I love when the dishes I am most skeptical of end up being my favorites – ie. the gizzard and XO carrots with sea urchin,

raw oyster + kimchee

raw beef + radish

sunchoke + pistachio

gizzard + peanut

XO carrots + sea urchin

beef tongue + rutabaga

grouper + chicken broth

sweet potato + pecan

strawberry + coconut