Paris – 11/24/17 – Buvette, Le Syndicat and Chez La Vieille

I stopped at Buvette for some vegetables to offset the cheese I was eating for 3 meals per day.  They were delicious but the service was truly horrible to the point that I considered leaving before I had even ordered and again after I finished my glass of wine and couldn’t seem to get another.

Le Syndicat
I have had several disappointing experiences at places on the Worlds 50 Best Bars list but had a fantastic experience at Le Syndicat.  It looks like an abandoned storefront in a slightly sketchy neighborhood and you could easily walk by it.  Very cool menu, great drinks and service.  I can’t wait to return.

Biggie Smalls Door
Marc de Bourgogne, Cap Corse Mattei, liqueur de gentiane, et cordial de pamplemousse & d’aneth

Eau de vie de framboise, Cap Corse Mettei, vermouth rouge, et sucette maison au piton

Chez La Vieille
Thank you Daniel Rose for reopening this spot, staffing it with amazing people from Spring, and creating such a fantastic environment.  Perhaps the best time I have had at dinner while traveling and if I lived in Paris I would be here once a week.  I could easily eat poireaux vinaigrette every day of the week and this version was excellent.  But the chicken was quite possibly the best chicken I have had in my life.  Yes everything in Paris seems better, and the chickens are different, but I have thought about this so often since.

Poireaux vinaigrette

Poulet fermier et puree de pomme de terre


NYC – 5/3/16 – Buvette, Employees Only, Untitled and Santina

An early evening stop for one of my favorite cocktails the Sidecar.  Incidentally one of my dad’s favorites as well so I suppose fitting that I am writing this on Father’s Day.

Employees Only
The last two times I attempted to go to Employees Only I couldn’t get in so for once got their prior to opening.  Within 5 minutes of doors every seat was taken.  And I basically just don’t get it.  These cocktails were good, but as no ingredients were measured, even before taking a sip I didn’t expect them to be anything great.

I seem to think about Untitled only when its warm enough to sit outside and not in other months so it sometimes falls off of my radar.  Like other USHG spots it is just incredibly solid.  No earth shattering dishes but just consistently really really good with excellent service.

Octopus, marinated radicchio, preserved lemon

Smoked arctic char mousse, fennel, rye toast

Pulled pork lettuce wraps, fried oyster, peanut miso
Cured fluke, kohlrabi, cara cara orange

Baby lettuce, spring onion, feta

Roasted and fried chicken, polenta, swiss chard
Cheese Plate

Sticky toffee cake, oranges, earl grey

And why not have a nitecap of one of my absolute favorite things in NYC?  Lamb tartare cecina.