NYC – 7/2/16 – Nomad Bar, Olmsted and Grand Army

Nomad Bar
Of course there had to be pre-dinner snacks at Nomad Bar. For once I exhibited a bit of willpower and did not have the hotdog so I could chalk this up as a success or a failure.

Beef and tuna tartares

I followed Olmsted pre-opening as I tend to do every time a chef who has spent time at Alinea opens their own place.  A very solid market driven menu and I assume that by now the menu has changed several times over.  My favorites were the fried fiddleheads and the snap pea sushi (and no I have never met a pea dish that I didn’t love).  If I had one small complaint it would be the 5 pieces of the pretzel puffs for a party of 3.  I understand if the serving cannot be adjusted based on the amount of food prepped but if possible I wish we could have the option of paying more to even out the serving size when dishes are pretty much impossible to split up.  Well that and that I never saw the awesome Santimetre studio glasses that Chef Achatz had a day later, although other items were fantastic.  I’m very much looking forward to a return visit and it takes a lot for me to go to certain neighborhoods.  Congrats on all of the recent great press.  Extremely well deserved!

Charcuterie Pretzel Puffs

Fried Fiddlehead Ferns

Snap Pea Sushi

Crawfish Boil Crackers

Thai Beet Salad

Grilled Hake, Rhubarb, Brown Butter, Bok Choy

Harbison “Fondue”

Old School Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Creme Fraiche

Grand Army

I have been meaning to get to Grand Army since it opened and happy to now have another reason to get back to this part of Brooklyn.

7/4/15 – Per Se, Elephant Bar at the Nomad Hotel, Dead Rabbit, and Batard

Per Se

The 4th of July is perhaps my favorite day of the year to be in New York. It is so quiet and basically empty. No battling hordes of people to get anywhere and you can drive through the city with amazing speed. What better place to end up for a maximum feeling of peacefulness but the salon at Per Se for lunch? Even with rain outside this is still one of my favorite views in NY and each time I’m at Per Se I feel like I am somewhere other than NYC. Consistently perfect. Beautiful plates and I still think the best service in the city.  I love the extras in the salon such as the salmon cornets (which will always be one of my absolute favorite bites) and mignardises.

“Terrine” of Hudson Valley Moulard Duck Foie Gras
Squire Hill Farm’s Currants, Market Fennel, Spiced Walnuts and Orange Creme Fraiche
Served with Toasted Brioche

California Candycot Salad
Chanterelle Mushrooms, French Breakfast Radishes, Petite Basil and Riesling Emulsion

Elysian Fields Farm’s “Cote D’Agneau”
Squash “en Persillade,” Jingle Bell Peppers, Garlic “Confit” and REd Wine Vinegar Sauce

Grilled Fillet of Gulf Coast Amberjack
Celery Root “Pastrami,” Poached Bing Cherries, Mustard Cress and Miso-Mustard Butter

Wolfe Ranch Bobwhite Quail Breast
Caramelized Shallots, French Leeks, Flowering Watercress and Stewed Black Mission Figs 
I wish I could remember what this one was!
 Coffee & Donuts

 Elephant Bar at the Nomad

Unfortunately the Nomad Bar decided to close this year on July 4th which nearly derailed our entire day as we were counting on an afternoon hot dog.  At least the cocktails are the same at the Elephant Bar.

Dead Rabbit

Congrats to the Dead Rabbit on your Tales wins this year!  Always one of my favorite places in NY and if it wasn’t so far out of the way I would be here far too often.  I seem to have missed quite a few drink pictures, or they went down way too quickly.  Cannot wait for Greenriver to open in Chicago!


I have been meaning to get to Batard since it opened but sometimes it takes out-of-town guests to give you a push.  We arrived early for cocktails after reading about their collection of vintage glasses which were absolutely beautiful.  Such a lovely summer menu and the perfect amount of food.
Hamachi – fennel, passion fruit vinaigrette
English Pea Tortellini – burrata, caraway, pesto
Grilled Swordfish – melon, castelvetrano olives, warm ginger-citrus vinaigrette
Selection of cheeses

NYC – 7/29/14 – the Nomad Bar

I know I can’t keep writing about the same places but this has quickly turned into one of my favorite spots. Perhaps because of the convenient location, perhaps because it’s hard to find this quality of food, drinks and service in one location in NYC. Or maybe it’s because I could eat the hot dog everyday (even though I have never had any previous interest in hot dogs).

I admit I do not get the fuss over the Canlis salad (on the menu for 2 weeks originating from Canlis in Seattle). It was tasty and perfectly executed and I can appreciate the nostalgia of a classic, but still……

Jungle Bird (not the reserve one!) and Forbidden Dance

Scotch olives – lamb sausage & sheep’s milk cheese


Tuna tartare – pine nuts, apple & mint


Hair Trigger – Venezuelan rum, fernet, ginger, lime, cucumber


The Shaman – pisco acholado, salers, pineapple, lemon, cinnamon, angostura


Canlis Salad – romaine, bacon, mint, oregano & Romano cheese, dressed with lemon, olive oil & coddled egg


Bay scallops – marinated with yuzu & pistachio


Burger – dry aged with cheddar, red onion & pickles


Charlie Watts – aged rhum agricole, Guyanese rum, Batavia arrack, black pepper, apricot, lemon, pineapple