NYC – 1/8/17 – Pondicheri

Unfortunately this was one of the coldest nights of the winter and the back of the restaurant apparently has no heat or insulation.  In fairness we were offered a choice of tables and were warned of the temperature issue.  We definitely did not appreciate how bad it was but why not space heaters?   The food was delicious but my enjoyment was somewhat limited.  Everything arrived at once even though it could barely fit on the table and obviously got cold very quickly.  I am looking forward to a return visit but will wait until the temperature warms up.  And a few visits to the bakery case in the front until then.

E100 sour

complimentary ‘chips’

Roghan josh lamb – lamb & root vegetables stewed with coconut, almonds, yogurt, cardamom & Kashmiri red chili; carrot roti & saffron cucumber raita

chicken cooked in 25 spices & masalas with tomato, fenugreek & white poppy seeds

pistachio apricot naan with cilantro chutney
goat & lentil masala samosa

NYC – 12/17/16 – Momofuku Nishi

If only it was easier to find the Penicillin in bars.  It is one of my absolute favorite cocktails and is so hard to find that I have made them at home several times (but once I make a batch of ginger syrup I feel obligated to drink them exclusively).  So when there is a Penicillin on the menu the evening is off to a perfect start.

Everything we had I could eat with great regularity.  In fact at a subsequent visit it was difficult to force myself to order different things.  Looking at these photos I am having cravings for the romaine salad and am going to have to go back asap.

Diver scallops – shio kombu, tiger’s milk, cucumber

Raw beef – watermelon radish, dashi ponzu

Romaine – walnut bagna cauda

Butter noodle – chickpea hozon, black pepper

Fried potato & smoked yolk
Jajangmyeon – pork sausage, chili pan mee, fried egg

Bunt cake

NYC – 11/16/16 – La Sirena

I went to La Sirena soon after it opened for drinks and was hoping to have dinner at the bar.  But one rude bartender later I found out that food was not yet being served at the bar and I left hungry and cranky.  I probably should have given up on La Sirena after this experience but gave it another try in the dining room.  The NY Strip was fantastic and perfectly cooked.  But the other dishes we ordered were average at best and not at all worth the inflated meatpacking prices.

Tuna crudo, pickled leeks, finger limes, habanero
Wild striped bass in scapece, grapes & mint

Roasted acorn squash, cacio di uova & smoked ricotta

Lardo crusted dry age bone0in NY strip with potato bombolini

A dessert that I unfortunately cannot remember

NYC – 10/16/15 – Lupulo

How fortuitous that I find myself in this neighborhood very often. There may be a few subsequent posts but this is one that will have to drop off of my blog as I like it too much. All of these dishes I could eat everyday and its a challenge to try other things on the menu.

Pate de Carapau – Portuguese mackerel spread, toast

Salada de Tomate e Requeijao – Eckerton Farms tomato salad, fresh cows milk cheese, opal basil and olive oil

Red Snapper Cru – Red snapper served raw, coconut milk, kaffir-lime broth, fermented serrano, benne seeds