NYC – 5/6/16 – Le Bernardin & Nougatine 

Le Bernardin
I know I am completely spoiled because I can drop into Le Bernardin for lunch any time that I want.

New Englander – Boodles gin, cranberry, yuzu juice

Sea Scallop – slivers of sea scallop, shaved fennel, citrus vinaigrette
Carrot Soup – Maine lobster, yuzu foam
Striped Bass – baked striped bass, sweet potato, sofrito sauce

Merluza – sauteed Merluza, pea shoots, shitake mushroom broth

Peruvian Chocolate – warm chocolate cake, caramelized fig, spiced chocolate ice cream

While this fantastic classic burger was all that I had, I found it particularly noteworthy because of the amount of ketchup served on the side.  As someone who can easily polish off a bottle of ketchup in two sittings I am always disappointed when I order fries and end up with one of those sad small stainless cups that is half full.  As crazy as it sounds I will go back for this burger on the basis of the ketchup quantity alone. Finally somebody has gotten this right!

NYC – 12/7/15 – Le Bernardin & O Ya

Le Bernardin
The City Harvest lunch menu at Le Bernardin is the best kept secret in NYC.  I should probably even stop writing about it!  When I’ve found myself able to have lunch in midtown in the last few months I have tried to check out some other places.  And while I’ve had very good meals elsewhere I will keep returning to Le Bernardin as my absolute favorite.

Hamachi – Hamachi Tartare, Cucumber, Lemon-Citrus Emulsion

Skate – Poached Skate, Pickled Shallots, Sea Beans, Cucumber, Verjus Sauce

Pear – Slow-Roasted Pear, “Beurre Noisette” Tuile, Pear William Frozen Parfait

O Ya
I had hesitated in visiting O Ya when it first opened as the price when compared to some other similar options seemed pretty high.  We opted for the shorter 18 course omakase menu which my dining companion had a few times previously and which seemed to go quite quickly for so many bites.  I couldn’t take notes quickly enough as the dishes came out and unfortunately there as no menu at the end.  There were some totally fantastic things and perhaps some I didn’t enjoy as much just due to personal preference and not that they were not well executed.   I probably would have enjoyed this meal a bit more if sitting at the counter instead of a booth (our fault not theirs).  I’m not convinced that O Ya is good enough to warrant the price hike over Shuko but I’d gladly go back (if someone else is paying)!


Not pictured, but after all of this fish, I ended the night with a stop at Nomad Bar for a hot dog.

NYC – 11/2/15 – Le Bernardin

There is no better way to forget about an unpleasant morning doctor’s appointment than to stop at Le Bernardin for lunch. Consistently impeccable and always my favorite lunch in NYC. As an added bonus I made two new friends sitting at the bar, something that rarely ever happens in a city where everybody tends to keep their heads down.

Aristocrat – Ransom Old Tom Gin, La Quintinye Vermouth Royal, Le Bernardin Grapefruit Cordial, Ginger Basil Reduction   
 Yellowfin Tuna – ultra rare seared tuna, spiced herb salad, citrus-soy-ginger dressing 
 Striped Bass – black striped bass, fennel and leek compote, bouillabaisse broth 

NYC – 6/22/15 – Le Bernardin

How can you possibly have a bad day when you have lunch at Le Bernardin?  Each time I am able to pop into the bar for lunch, I feel quite fortunate to live here.  If I ever move this will be near the top of the list of things that I will greatly miss.  Always impeccable.

Hamachi – hamachi tartare, cucumber, lemon-citrus emulsion
 Salmon – barely cooked organic salmon, pea puree, yuzu butter sauce