NYC – 8/18/17 – The Office

The Office NYC will likely always feel a bit strange to me having spent so much time in the original.  But the amazing friends I met there and all of the memories just can’t be replicated.  So I am trying hard to think of it as something entirely new and not compare.  At this point I have had several great experiences in this space.  The food is gorgeous and with the expanded size comes an expanded menu plus some of my all time favorites the tartare and ice cream sundae.  I wish I could write this with no prior history because I am just so curious what I would think.  But mostly I am just bummed beyond belief that the minute my favorite place opened in NYC, I left town.

NYC – 5/30/17 – Per Se

This post begins my short farewell to NYC tour.  These will be many of my favorite places in NYC so I won’t be writing much because I’ve said it all before and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

oysters and pearls

salad of greenmarket squash, jingle bell peppers, picholine olive tapenade, aged parmesan and romesco

butter poached maine lobster, forest mushroom “tortellini,” green asparagus and sauce americaine

herb roasted elysian fields farm lamb, ruby beets, hakurei turnips, marcona almonds, and green peppercorn jus

“velvet elvis,” banana creme fraiche sherbet, peanut butter sabayon, and TKO crumble

NYC – 5/6/17 – Bouchon Bakery

I don’t mind the food court feel of Bouchon Bakery at the Time Warner Center as it somehow then seems appropriate to visit post-gym still wearing workout clothes.  Consistently perfect. And I would love the recipe for the piquillo marmalade which elevated this avocado toast.

Deviled eggs

avocado toast, piquillo marmalade, pickled red onion, radish, feta, pain de campagne

NYC – 5/2/17 – Per Se 

The only place where side-by-side sitting is acceptable is at the table in front of the window in the Per Se salon. Its one of my favorite views in NYC. Per Se is always a perfect experience and the Salon makes it so easy when you haven’t planned ahead and do not necessarily want a very large meal.

Oysters and Pearls – sabayon of pearl tapioca with island creek oysters

Hudson valley foulard duck foie gras – assaisonne au confit de canard, champagne gelée, brook cherries, and cocoa-hazelnut streusel

Herb-roasted elysian fields farm lamb – merguez sausage, chickpea hummus, shishito peppers, and meyer lemon jus

Velvet Elvis – banana-creme fraiche sherbet, peanut butter sabayon, and TKO crumble

NYC – 8/15/16 – Jean Georges

Sadly I ended up sick in the middle of this meal after battling a migraine and did not make it to dessert.  The evening is consequently a bit of a blur but from what I remember this summer menu was lovely.

Caviar, buttermilk-chive panna cotta and tomato coulis

Madai sashimi, summer radish and nasturtium vinaigrette

Charred corn ravioli, cherry tomato salad and basil fondue

Black sea bass, purple potato butter and charred poblano peppers

Steamed summer squash and lobster, black truffle and lemon dressing

Fragrant spiced-lava lake lamb chop, cucumber yogurt and herbs

NYC – 5/6/16 – Le Bernardin & Nougatine 

Le Bernardin
I know I am completely spoiled because I can drop into Le Bernardin for lunch any time that I want.

New Englander – Boodles gin, cranberry, yuzu juice

Sea Scallop – slivers of sea scallop, shaved fennel, citrus vinaigrette
Carrot Soup – Maine lobster, yuzu foam
Striped Bass – baked striped bass, sweet potato, sofrito sauce

Merluza – sauteed Merluza, pea shoots, shitake mushroom broth

Peruvian Chocolate – warm chocolate cake, caramelized fig, spiced chocolate ice cream

While this fantastic classic burger was all that I had, I found it particularly noteworthy because of the amount of ketchup served on the side.  As someone who can easily polish off a bottle of ketchup in two sittings I am always disappointed when I order fries and end up with one of those sad small stainless cups that is half full.  As crazy as it sounds I will go back for this burger on the basis of the ketchup quantity alone. Finally somebody has gotten this right!

NYC – 3/29/16 – Bouchon Bakery & Cafe

On those days when you feel absolutely dreadful chicken soup is an absolute necessity and Bouchon Bakery’s has to be the best in NYC.  A glass of wine, a lovely view and a fantastic salad later the day was much brighter.

Chicken soup

Salmon salad – Scottish salmon, quinoa, market vegetables, hazelnuts, house vinaigrette

NYC – 11/30/15 – Bouchon Bakery

When one isn’t dressed for lunch at the lounge at Per Se, Bouchon Bakery is still a perfectly fine substitute.  This may be one of the best pickle plates that I can remember having and overall a perfect lunch.

pickled vegetables
hearts of romaine, chicken breast, apples, bacon lardons, cider poached raisins, blue cheese, apple cider vinaigrette